Wiscon pharmaceuticals pvt.ltd attained an excellence in Child care , Critical care, Anti Malarials and other specialized areas. Wiscon Pharma started its Indian operations with HeadQuarters in Mumbai and got its market rights in India from a renowed Pharma Company having presence in Childcare, new generation Anti Malarials , Critical care , nutritional Products etc alongwith its Brands in line with Corporate portfolio . The strong marketing/market driven team with an entrepreneurial approach forms the backbone of Wiscon Pharma with a powerful Corporate Back-up.

Wiscon lined up a number of popular Brands for the Tiny ones and children from symptomatic relief....
With the advent of Molecular Markers for antimalarial resistance, Wiscon is ready right now with WHO’s....
There has to be a total commitment from all concerned in Critical care market....

Faster Reduction of Parasite Load ….…… Faster

A PRODRUG with PROBIOTIC suitable for EMPIRICAL therapy in children.

Children with fever should be aggressively treated

An antiulcerant formulated with an exclusive technology for the

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