C.400 BC    

 Hippocrates recognised  disease had natural sources.

 C.200 AD

 Galen, the authority of the middle ages, consolidated the work of the  Alexandrian Doctors.


 Andreas Vasilius gave the first accurate account of the  human body.

 1628     William Harvey  discovered the circulation of blood

 John Hunter began the foundation of experimental and surgical pathology.


 Digitals used to treat heart disease, the active ingredient  was isolated in  1904.

 1798  Edward Jenne  published his work on vaccination.
 1882  Robert Koch isolated the tuberculous bacillus.
 1884  Edwin Klebs, German Pathologist, isolated  the Diphtheria bacillus
 1885  Louis Pasteur produced the rabies vaccine.

 Joseph Lister demonstrated antiseptic surgery.

 1897  Martinus  Beijerinck, Dutch botanist, discovered viruses.

 Felix  Hoffman developed aspirin.Sigmund Freud founded Psychiatry.


 Paul Ehrlich synthesized the first specific bacterial agent, salvarsan   (cure for syphilis) 

 1922  Insulin was first used  to treat diabetes.
 1928   Alexender Fleming discovered the antibiotic Penicillin.
 1930 s

 Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) was developed.

 1932  Gerhard Domagk , German bacteriologist and pathologist, began wook on Sulphonanide drugs , a  kind of  antibiotic. 

 Major  development of antidepressive drugs and  also beta   blockers  for heart  disease. Medawar’s work on  the immune system.

 1950 – 1975

 Manipulation of the molecules of synthetic chemicals , the main source  of new drugs.


 Vaccine for Polio developed by Jonas Salk.


 Heart transplant Surgery began with the work of Christian  Bernard New Generation of minor tranquillizers  called Benzodiazepines  Was developed.


 Viroids, disease causing organisms even smaller than viruses, isolated  outside the living body.


 Birth of the first ‘ Test-tube baby’ Louise Brown was on 25th July in England.


 Aids (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) first recognized in the USA.

 1980   Smallpox declared eradicated by the World Health Organisation.

 Vaccine for Leprosy developed. Discovery of the Human Immune deficiency virus (HIV) responsible  for  Aids at  the Institute Pasteur in Paris and in the USA


 Worlds Longest – Surviving heart Transplant Patient died in France , 18 years after his operation.   


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