Pharmaceutical marketing as on date has become highly competitive area since exclusive Molecules are hard to come by. A few Indian organization sector Companies have already made collaboration with some multi-nationals which made them accessible to new Molecules otherwise all established Molecules are shared by many Brands marketed by about 5000 Companies in India.

In order to be successful in pharmaceutical marketing, there is a strong need for marketing /market driven committed team with an entrepreneurial approach, will certainly form a backbone of WISCON PHARMA with a strong Corporate back-up .

The Therapeutic segments were screened and scrutinized discreetly based on potential and identifed scope for penetration based on which current / latest Brands have been designed.


Our emphasis even though established with the Childcare products , our presence would also be strongly felt in critical care, antimalarials, antiulcerant, antineuseant antiemitic and cough and cold markets practically.

Currently with the presence of about 250 strong field team of which 12 Zonal Sales Managers will carry out the implementation of the marketing plans through 40 field Managers to about 200 Sales Officers. The working has also been made strategically taking into account high potential arena with productive critical selection of the Doctors capable of prescribing large number of prescription for Wiscon products.


With all the elements of marketing, keeping in tact for implementation , Distribution work displays the most important ground for all marketing activities . WISCON decided to have a Centrally located Distribution Channel at Indore to cater to all the needs of almost all the territories with much economy compared to the distribution point located in the Head Office.

The Central Distribution area will work in close liaison with 12 C & F agents located all over India, who in turn will work with about 400 Stockists to give an ultimate shape to even distribution of all the Brands. For better coordination between various departments like Material Planning, Logistics , Sales and marketing, Company has implemented ERP System which helps in decision making for all its Managers with real-time schedule.

Distribution area forms many other important  situation like Taxation, Transport, Monitoring of dated products , level of the stocks and protect all the stocks from  through out. WISCON has done an exclusively channellising activities by delegating responsible persons for specific activities which will certainly reduce problems, of any nature so that the time is adequately available to the field personnel for prescription generation, with effective Brand management and projection of image of WISCON. At the same time, H.O’s backing will be very strong in this area to manage almost day to day procedures so that nothing can go wrong under any situation, Of course, with contingency plan to attend to all emergencies ,if so arises.

We have also designed for our C & F Agents a specific guideline of Standard Operating procedure as to how to supply goods to the stockists and collect money as per the plan. This prompted us to design the Credit Policy beyond which no C & F Agent will be authorized to take action except with the permission of H.O. The objective is to have a GOOD VELOCITY RATIO KEEPING DEBTORS UNDER CONTROL.


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