Wiscon pharmaceutical pvt ltd is is a leading Indian pharmaceutical branded formulations company with a strong presence in chronic and lifestyle therapies such as Paediatric, orthopaedic, anti-diabetes, cardiology, nutrition and neuropsychiatry etc . Since its inception in 2007, wiscon has penetrated domestic and international markets, with range of Pharmaceuticals, Herbals and wellness products. We have an established portfolio of 100+ mother brands across our core lifestyle-related therapies and our marketing divisions cater to various doctors across India and internationally. Wiscon believes in delivery efficiently products to its customers pan-India our distribution network warehouse is located at Indore, the centre of India and Mumbai for its proximity to airport and sea port. The company has a team of well qualified pharmacist, regulatory specialist and quality assurance champions to assist in product conceptualisation, development, manufacturing and then marketing in India and globally. Wiscon has global tie ups with distributors of repute for marketing of the products. All its products are sourced and developed under strict guidelines and quality standards from several WHO GMP, EU-GMP, TGA- Australia, Pics approved and ISO 9001 -2000 certified companies.

Wiscon’s product portfolio consists of various pharmaceutical and healthcare therapies to be used by Family Physicians, Consulting Physicians, Gynae, surgery, orthopaedics psychiatry and naturopathy practitioners amd wellness advisors .The product formulations comprise of Syrups/Drops, tablets, capsules, Nasal Sprays/Rubs, injectables, sachets ointments/creams, softgels and lozenges. Wiscon today is well posed to provide Health Solutions required for Pharmaceuticals, herbals, Natural products therapies globally.

Our Unique product offering:- Wiscon pharma has from its inception offered innovative products to pharmaceutical fraternity.

The company has developed unique products like CHILDRYL new syrup, CQLNeo, Childryl Rub, Relivo actirub, Gudfyl kit in past in various therapeutic category.
Company has recently launched a unique product concept in these current Covid time. Introducing for first time in India KLEANTOL Clean and Clear Antimicrobial towels, manufactured using patented Silver ion based Polymer “ SILVADUR” by Dupont USA.!

Kleantol antimicrobial are 100 % cotton washable towels, safe for kids also! Kleantol antimicrobial towels are the need of the hour where immunity and control is required to keep microbes and bacteria at bay. Kleantol is Ideal product for personnel and hospital care.

Covid along with loss of life of near and dear ones, has caused lot of mental health problems in humankind. Today Mental health is of prime importance and cannot be ignored.

Wiscon has developed natural herbal formulation to fight Stress and Anxiety. NEUROPASSIT is a unique plant based formulation which helps to relieve Stress and anxiety and same time provides nutrition to.the brain. Neuropassit is available in syrup, tablet and Unique lozenge formulation to improve patient compliance.

Very recently after two years of hard work developed for first time in India ZINKACIL LOZENGES for international and Domestic market. Zinkacil is unique Immunity booster product containing Vitamin C and Zinc in kid friendly Lozenge format for kids and adults.